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What is the wooden floor made of?

All runners are H4 treated pine, and all floorboards are H3 treated. You will not require any clamps for your wooden floor. The floor may need pegging down into the ground in windy areas.

Can I have a recessed/flat concrete floor?

Yes you can but you will need to organise this yourself. I can email you dimensions and boxing diagram.

How many floor clamps are required to hold down my new shed to a recessed or flat concrete floor?

Depending on the size of your shed between 8 – 12 clamps

How long will it take to assemble my new shed?

This will depend on your ability but I would allow a day for two people.

What is the cost to have my shed delivered?

Freight for home delivery in the North Island is $150 per item and South Island $190 per item. Galvo shed or floor delivered to depot for collection in North Island $80 per order and South Island $170 per order. All Garden master sheds and floors to depots is Free of charge North and South Island to depots Main freight and PBT. Some companies include these freight charges in their shed price we prefer to be transparent.

Can I move the doors to another position on the shed?

Yes this is possible on the Garden Master Sheds but not on Galvo sheds. There will be an extra charge for this.

Can I change the hinged door for a sliding door?

Yes you can, please enquire as it does depend on the model of shed you choose. There will be an extra charge of this.

What is the delivery time on my shed?

We will despatch your shed within 5 working days for standard Zincalume sheds and 10 – 15 working days for customised or coloured sheds. Sometimes the sheds do come through quicker than this.

How wide is the door opening?

1550mm for double doors 755mm single door.

Will my shed have a timber frame?

Garden Master sheds have a steel channel frame which forms a tension membrane once assemble correctly. This eliminates the need for extra framing. Also the deep ribbed profile of our cladding is stronger and more rigid than used by some companies. A timber frame can easily be fitted, but we do not offer that option.

How do I get more light into my shed?

You can add skylight roof sheets and windows to a Garden Master shed, but not a Galvo shed.

What tools will I need?

You will need a drill and bits, screwdriver, pop riveter, tape measure, ladder and in most cases an extra pair of hands. We also recommend hand and foot protection. Do not assemble your shed in wet or windy conditions.

Do we offer an assembly service?

Yes. We have approved assembly people throughout New Zealand who are familiar with the assembly of our sheds. Please contact “the assembly co” for a quote.

Can I Mix and Match colours?

Yes you can, but only on the Garden Master range of sheds. We have 16 colours to choose from.

Do I need a building consent?

If you are concerned, check with your local council, but in NZ you are not required to have a building consent for any building under 10 m2.

Why are colour sheds more expensive?

Colour sheds are heavier gauge steel as well as providing extra protection on top of the zincalume base steel.

What is the difference between Zincalune and Colour?

Zincalume is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron from rusting. The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top of the zincalume giving added protection. Recommended for coastal areas.

Can I change a sloping roof to a gable roof?

Yes the roof of your new shed can be changed at an extra cost. Please enquire about this.

Why buy a Garden Master or a Galvo shed from NZ Garden sheds?

Garden Master and Galvo sheds have been manufactured right here in New Zealand since 1974. Easy to Assembly and come with a step-by-step instructions in English. They are “Built to last!”

What is my Warranty?

Garden Master Sheds come with a 25 year Warranty. Galvo Classic sheds come with a 15 year Warranty. Galvo Premium sheds come with a 18 year Warranty.

What is the thickness of the steel cladding?

0.25mm steel cladding used on all Classic Galvo sheds. High tensile 0.35mm steel cladding used on Galvo Premium sheds. High tensile 0.35mm steel cladding on all Garden Master sheds.

Door Assembly on Garden Master and Galvo Sheds?

Garden Master doors come pre-assembled. Galvo shed doors require assembly.

Can I add extra wall height to my Garden Master shed?

Yes you can add up to 150mm, please enquire about this option.

What Size will the shed package be?

The sheds come as a flat pack. Usually about 2m long x 750mm wide and 50mm thick. Depending on the shed size there will be a ridge cap which could be up to 3m long. If you are collecting the shed from our depot, you will require a trailer or a ute.

Can I get a refund for change of mind on my custom shed I have ordered through your website ?

There is no refund for change of mind on custom-made sheds so please choose carefully before purchasing your shed.

Made in New Zealand
UPTO 25 Year Warranty*
Easy to Assemble