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Great for when you need a little more space. Will fit a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and a few tools.

Galvo Premium Features

  • Deep ribbed profile for extra
  • Large sheet size for easy assembly
  • Trouble free lockable hinged door
  • Innovative flooring systems Double folded safety edges in doorway
  • .35mm high tensile(40% thicker than Galvo Classic)
  • Increased paint and rust protection
  • Built to withstand NZ's environmental challenges


Shelf Brackets

Tool Racks

Wooden Floor

Tool Hook

Flat Floor Clamp

Recessed Floor Clamps

Rechargable LED Sensor Light

Colour Chart

GVO1515 Premium Shed

Base Price $489.00

1530mm x 1530mm x 1980mm


DesertsandDesertsandKarakaKarakaGrey FriarsGrey FriarsIronsandIronsandEbonyEbony
  • Shed ( + floor if selected): $489.00
  • Optional Extras: $0.00
  • Total: $0.00
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Made in New Zealand
UPTO 25 Year Warranty*
Easy to Assemble